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Econofrost 7000 Series Night Cover

Econofrost 7000 Series Night Cover

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The Econofrost 7000 series is the light duty, eco-conscious model. Its smaller profile makes it a budget friendly night cover for foodservice, hospitality and food retail applications.

The 7000 Series utilizes frontside and backside perforated woven aluminum foil laminated together for strength, hygiene and flame spread resistance. The laminated fabric is sealed with a polyethylene clear coat, and prevents accumulation of dirt, dust and stains. It is easily cleaned with a mild detergent for optimum hygiene. The fabric is perforated to exacting standards to prevent formation of condensation, and the fabric is reinforced on outer its outer edges, with a fiber material, to prevent excessive wear.

The retraction system is a spring/brake assembly made using food-safe oiled steel for long life and anti-corrosion, mounted to a steel shaft that connects the patented braking system. The spring/brake assembly is engineered to provide smooth controlled retraction every time, and is tested and certified by Econofrost factory engineers for 7,000 retractions/rewinds or 20 years of use.

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*Due to increase of shipping cost on all items 8 feet and over, our pricing for the 8 foot night covers has been adjusted to reflect this increase.