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Econofrost 9600 Series OEM Night Cover
Econofrost 9600 Series OEM Night Cover
Econofrost 9600 Series OEM Night Cover
Econofrost 9600 Series OEM Night Cover
Econofrost 9600 Series OEM Night Cover
Econofrost 9600 Series OEM Night Cover
Econofrost 9600 Series OEM Night Cover
Econofrost 9600 Series OEM Night Cover
Econofrost 9600 Series OEM Night Cover
Econofrost 9600 Series OEM Night Cover
Econofrost 9600 Series OEM Night Cover
Econofrost 9600 Series OEM Night Cover

Econofrost 9600 Series OEM Night Cover


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The Most Effective & Reliable Night Cover for OEM's

When it comes to night covers, there is nothing better than Econofrost. Our night covers are built to the highest quality standard ensuring super-easy installation,incredible thermal performance and years of trouble-free operation.

Our retail clients demand Econofrost from OEM's because they know the initial cost will pay back in dividends - from energy savings, shrink reduction to many years of reliability.

When potential buyers see coolers using Econofrost they are much more likely to purchase than with a generic unreliable, plastic night cover with a limited life span.

OEM's Love Econofrost Because..

Thermal Performance

Most other manufacturers use cheap, thin plastic screens. Our night covers are made of space-age woven aluminum laminated to a polyethersulfone backing,  keeping the heat out and the cold in. This leads to massive energy savings and reduced loss of perishable product, saving retailers lots of money. Although this is the definition of a night cover, the reality is most don't perform this way.

Some of our clients have even had food survive power outages saving tens of thousands of dollars.

Build Quality

Our clients know Econofrost is build using the highest quality materials available. The construction of the casing is durable and won't easily crack. The brake and retraction system can stand up to years of abuse. The laminated woven aluminum screen is tough as nails but also ever so easy to clean.

World Class Support

We go the extra mile to ensure our OEM's have a top notch experience.

From volume pricing to installation help, you can be sure you'll be taken care of, no matter what the issue may be. We also offer replacement parts on older models insuring that a product can last well past it's lifespan.

Trust & Rapport

When retailers are looking for refrigerated displays, seeing an OEM support Econofrost instantly instills a sense of trust that most other brands don't receive.

We have worked many years to earn this trust which can be passed on to the manufacturer by simply equipping new products with Econofrost.

If the OEM uses a quality night cover, the rest of the product must be just as good, right?


The Econofrost 9600 series is easy to install, easy to use, and is the ideal night cover to specify in new equipment purchases. The 9600 Series can also be easily retrofit into select existing equipment.

Essentially, the non-cassette version of the 9000 Series, the 9600 Series utilizes the same woven aluminum foil laminated to a polyethersulfone backing for strength, hygiene and flame spread resistance. The laminated fabric is sealed with a polyethylene clear coat that exceeds UL94HB requirements, prevents accumulation of dirt, dust and stains, and is easily cleaned with a mild detergent for optimum hygiene. The fabric is perforated to exacting standards to prevent formation of condensation, and is laser cut or reinforced on outer edges with a fiber material to prevent excessive wear.

The retraction system is a spring/brake assembly made using food-safe oiled steel for long life and anti-corrosion, mounted to a steel shaft that connects the patented braking system. The spring/brake assembly is engineered to provide smooth controlled retraction every time, and is tested and certified by Econofrost factory engineers for 7,000 retractions/rewinds or 20 years of use.

Sizes & Applications

Available in 4ft, 6ft and 8ft wide models with a vertical fabric length of 78 inches, the 9600 series easily attaches inside the canopy of upright multi-deck refrigerated display cases. Ideal for produce, meat, dairy, deli, beverage and floral displays, the 9600 series will effectively help you meet your energy savings and shrink management objectives.


Fabric Type
Perforated Woven Aluminum laminated to Polyethersulfone and Sealed with Polyethylene. Edges are Laser Sealed.

Anti-Bacterial material exceeding UL94HB Fire Retardent Standard

Fabric Length

Clip-on Slim-Line Handle Secures with: 2 x clip-on magnets on the bottom rail profile

Mounting System
Metal spring mounting clips

Braking System
Smooth, Controlled Retraction using Hydraulic Spring/Brake Assembly. Easy to Adjust

Bottom Rail Profile
Recyclable Heavy Gauge Extruded Aluminum (30mm)

(1) Hook (for handle) in lieu of magnets, (2) Clip-on Hooks for horizontal coffin cases

Installations Instructions

Installing the 9600 Series is relatively easy. Once you’ve installed one or two cassettes, you quickly can finish an installation of a cassette in about a couple of minutes.

If you ever have any questions regarding the installation of the ECONOFROST brand of night covers,please give us a call (toll free in North America) at 1-800-519-1222 or at (250) 743-1222.


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*Due to increase of shipping cost on all items 8 feet and over, our pricing for the 8 foot night covers has been adjusted to reflect this increase.